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Server Management

Complete Server Management & IT Solutions

IT GOAT, a leading managed service provider presents an approach to server management tailored for decision makers who value quality, cost effectiveness and strategic IT guidance without getting lost in complexities.


Why your IT support Needs Server Management Services

Exceptional Active Directory Administration: Simplify your business processes with IT GOAT’s Active Directory administration services. We ensure integration and control of user profiles facilitating creation, adjustment and oversight of user permissions to enhance your teams productivity and security.

Cloud and On Premise Server Solutions: Our dedicated team offers monitoring and maintenance for your servers whether they are cloud hosted or on site. From managing resources to establishing encrypted connections IT GOAT ensures that your server infrastructure not functions but is optimized for peak performance. 

Expertise, in SaaS Application Management: In a world driven by Software as a Service (SaaS) applications IT GOAT distinguishes itself by providing comprehensive SaaS application management services. 

From managing O365 to overseeing Dropbox and Google Drive administration we take care of all your SaaS platforms to ensure they are secure regularly updated and tailored to meet your business requirements. 

The IT GOAT team can be your full time SaaS Administrator across all software platforms for ultimate security.

Ensuring IT Security, Encrypted Infrastructure

Data security isn’t a feature, it’s a necessity. Our server management service at IT GOAT places importance on establishing network connections throughout your business. By utilizing threat intelligence solutions and robust encrypted VPN security measures we mitigate risks to safeguard your business operations from any intrusions or security breaches. 

Receive 24/7 monitoring and server management via the IT GOAT Help Desk. Our team tracks and maintains all Cloud Servers monitoring resource utilization, security authorizations, and billing.


IT Network Speed and Employee Efficiency

Our network management strategy focuses on enhancing your business effectiveness. At IT GOAT we guarantee that whether accessed remotely or onsite your network enables access and seamless operations. By overseeing everything from optimizing internet service providers to managing access and private networks we ensure improved network speed leading to increased employee productivity. 

IT GOAT provides complete remote server management for your team. When employees need to be granted access, our teams will be able to quickly gain access to the environment to quickly assist your team.

your security tools and technologies

IT GOAT simplifies cybersecurity by integrating over 750+ enterprise apps to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Your Trusted IT Support Provider

Opting for IT GOAT goes beyond resolving IT issues: It indicates collaborating with a provider committed to your long term prosperity. From managing servers to disaster recovery IT GOAT offers a range of managed IT services tailored to protect, enhance and advance your business in the era. 

Align with IT GOAT where state of the art server management intersects with IT assistance. Allow us to convert your IT obstacles into opportunities that fuel growth and operational excellence throughout your business endeavors.  

Community Engagement and Collaboration: At IT GOAT we are dedicated to creating a future. Through collaborations with organizations and strategic partnerships our goal is to make an impact, on lives while delivering exceptional client experiences through the technology solutions and support our partners provide. 

Our employees are the core of IT GOAT. Play a role, in our achievements. This recognition influences our choices ensuring that we not provide exceptional service to our clients but also cultivate a rewarding work environment for our team. 

We consider ourselves an extension of your team dedicated to supporting your business and technologies with an emphasis on efficiency, security and productivity


Our Core Values

At IT GOAT, we have four pillars we believe are key to the success of our business and of our client experience.


We are striving to build a better tomorrow with direct focuses throughout DFW. By working with existing Charitable Organizations, we are impacting the lives of thousands of individuals in hopes of creating a better tomorrow.

Each employee of IT GOAT is asked to find a cause they believe in and to make that positive impact that can change the lives of the less fortunate.


Our employees are the backbone of IT GOAT.

From our Support Staff to Operations Team, our Business thrives off the work they put in each day. Knowing this, our employees come first in all strategic decisions made for IT GOAT.

We do not just want the best employees at IT GOAT, we want the best for our people.


Our clients are our passion at IT GOAT. The businesses and technologies we support are important but the individuals within those organizations are the true client for us.

We understand technology is best when it just works but when there is a need for help, IT GOAT will be there to assist you in an efficient manner to get you back to working on what's important for you.

For this reason, we see ourselves as not an outsourced IT Support company but as a part of your team.


IT GOAT prides itself on the client experience we offer to our end users.

Without the technologies and support our Partners provide IT GOAT, we would be unable to facilitate solutions that fit your needs.

The personal dedication our Partners provide to IT GOAT and our employees continues to be the difference in the client experience we provide.

The Right Team For You

IT GOAT serves a wide variety of businesses, handling all the responsibilities of an enterprise-level IT department. From routine system maintenance to 24/7 disaster recovery, IT GOAT has the experience and resources to protect your business and help it thrive.

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