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Security Strategy Monitoring

At IT GOAT, Security starts with our Monitoring Services that keep eyes on your business 24/7. IT GOAT Monitoring Services are aimed at identifying those anomalies that happen within your IT Environment and create the notifications needed to identify and remediate threats as they attack. As your business is adding IT assets in to their environment, our team is getting notifications that ensure that we also secure those devices.

We are the blanket of coverage you team employees need so they can execute their jobs.


When you work with IT GOAT, you are going to gain access to some of the top toolsets within Small and Mid-Market IT. Our team maintains a narrow set of tools which allow us to specialize in the tools we know best giving your business the most value for the investments they will make. Not to mention, seamless deployment of these security tools…

What do clients like most?

Almost all our clients like our “Report Phishing” button that is right inside your Outlook. When you get an email you don’t like, you hit Report Phishing and our team will immediately begin scanning attachments and looking for malicious material.

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One in Five security breaches are by human error from an employee. Humans make mistakes, but they do not have time to scan every email and read up on the latest trends, so we do this for them. IT GOAT provides educational material to all our clients and even performs those pro-active Phishing Simulations that every business needs.

What is a Phishing Simulation?

Customizable IT Policies

Incident Response Plan

What truly separates IT GOAT’s Security practice apart from all others is our Response Plans. Every IT GOAT client is given the plan to distribute to all employees at the beginning of our engagements. These plans outline five different types of breaches that occur as well as our plan to resolution.

When an issue is identified, our team enacts those plans and follows them step by step through resolution. We know that when a security breach has happened, it is too late to ask questions on what to do, which is why we have step by step procedures that our teams follow.

What are some types of breach plans?

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Technology and Data Use Policy

You know you need one but never had one. Well here at IT GOAT, we provide one for every client and work with you to customize it to your liking. The policy goes over expectations on company assets, what you can and can’t do with them, and basically what can happen if you decide to breach those rules.

It is the accountability you need to truly secure your business. Your Insurance Company will like this as well, and probably even discount your Cyber Security Insurance if you have it! Don’t worry about distributing it either, we will provide it for every new employee as part of their on boarding.

Does Your Business Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Our good friends over at Tower Street Insurance are the premier solution for all of your commercial and personal insurance needs, especially when it comes to cyber liability insurance. Reach out to them today!