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Compliance Formation

Achieve Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance with IT GOAT

IT GOAT takes the lead by offering solutions that seamlessly merge compliance standards into your day to day operations. Our managed IT services go beyond the boundaries integrating cyber compliance and security practices into the core of your business processes. 

Managed Compliance-as-a-Service

HIPAA Compliance

Designed for HIPAA "Covered Entity" as well as any "Business Associate" that works with a Covered Entity that may have physical or electronic access to patient data.

GDPR Compliance

Designed for companies striving to obtain or maintain EU General Data Protection Rule "GDPR" Compliance

CMMC Compliance

CMMC stands for “Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification” and is the new standard that all 300,000 Department of Defense prime and sub-contractors must achieve in order to bid on any new or renewing government contracts.

NIST CSF Compliance

Designed for companies that are striving for the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

Cyber Insurance Compliance

For businesses who wish to stay in compliance with their Cyber Insurance Policy Terms.

FINRA Compliance

Designed for Financial Institutions seeking to comply or maintain FINRA Compliance.

Seamless Integration of Compliance Standards

The combination of proficiency and regulatory understanding places IT GOAT as your partner in achieving top-tier alignment with compliance standards. Through the implementation of a compliance management system and adherence to audit protocols we ensure that your operations are both effective and compliant. 

With IT GOAT by your side your organization is fully prepared to tackle cybersecurity compliance challenges, data protection regulations and risk management with certainty and strategic planning.

Proactive Approach to Compliance and Risk Management: Stay ahead of the curve with IT GOAT’s services for compliance and risk management. We help your business foresee and address risks before they disrupt operations.

Expert Advice on Compliance Regulations: Benefit from top notch guidance in navigating compliance regulations from IT GOAT. Our knowledge spans cybersecurity laws, data protection standards, and industry specific regulatory mandates.

IT Assistance for Compliance Excellence: Boosts your compliance initiatives. From data storage solutions to cutting edge cybersecurity measures, IT GOAT has you covered.



Just starting out, looking to grow

Small Enterprise

10 - 49 Employees

Medium Enterprise

50 - 249 Employees

Large Enterprise

250+ Employees


IT Compliance Through Strategic IT Solutions

Drawing on our industry knowledge we offer services covering cybersecurity compliance initiatives to strategies for protecting data. Our consultants at IT GOAT are not troubleshooters but strategic leaders who can navigate your business through the complexities of compliance management, data security, and risk mitigation efforts.

Partnering with us can help turn compliance obstacles into advantages, ensuring your business remains secure while positioning it for growth. Enjoy the reassurance of having experts manage your compliance and security needs, freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business 

Expertise in Regulatory Compliance: Seamlessly navigate through the intricacies of compliance regulations with IT GOATs comprehensive knowledge of GDPR, HIPAA, CMMC and industry regulatory benchmarks.

Data Security and IT Compliance: Protect your information from cyber threats and unauthorized access is a priority at IT GOAT. Our advanced security solutions and encryption provide protection for your data.
Risk Assessment and Analysis: IT GOAT’s risk assessment process and structured risk management approach help identify vulnerabilities & threats before they occur.

IT GOAT Advantage

Our clients on average consolidate 6 service provider relationships in to one. One relationship to manage moving forward for you.

Cyber Security

- End Point Security
- SPAM Filter
- Email Security


- Network Mgmt.
- Server Mgmt.
- Help Desk

Cloud Services

- Microsoft Azure
- Disaster Recover


- Call Center
- Soft Phones
- UCaaS

Project Services

- Server Refreshes
- Network Refreshes
- Data Migrations


- Hardware Ordering
- Software Licensing
- Inventory Mgmt.

Transform Your Compliance with IT GOAT

At IT GOAT we understand that achieving compliance goes beyond meeting requirements. It involves improving your IT strategy through insightful collaboration.

Our methodology combines the development of compliance programs with IT consulting to promote regulatory adherence, technological progress, and business development. We simplify compliance standards into strategies that align with your business goals and technological capabilities.

Drawing on our industry knowledge we offer services covering cybersecurity compliance initiatives to strategies for protecting data.
Risk Management: Stay ahead of the curve, with IT GOATs compliance and risk management services. We help your business foresee and address risks before they impact your operations.
Cybersecurity Regulation Experts: Get top notch guidance on navigating compliance regulations from IT GOAT. Our expertise covers cybersecurity laws, data protection standards, and industry specific regulatory requirements.
Strategic IT Support: Make the most of IT GOAT’s IT services to ensure that your technology infrastructure supports and enhances your compliance efforts.

The Right Team For You

IT GOAT serves a wide variety of businesses, handling all the responsibilities of an enterprise-level IT department. From routine system maintenance to 24/7 disaster recovery, IT GOAT has the experience and resources to protect your business and help it thrive.

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