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Software Management

Your team needs access to software everyday and goes directly to you for the request, approval, and installation. What if we could just reduce your time to the Yes/No part?

IT GOAT can assist you by:

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Amazon Web Services

Cloud Certified Architects

Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Partner

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Silver Partner

License Management

As businesses have transitioned to a SaaS based model within IT, we have seen exponential growth in the software license counts per employee.

What use to be one or two software packages per employee have now turned in to five or ten per employee. You need a Managed Service Provider that not only will procure, install, and bill you for your Software Applications but also on a monthly basis audit those software packages.

How many times has your MSP left a software license on for months when they had off-boarded that employee?

Bottom line, IT GOAT keeps details configuration lists of every software suite you have and ensures accurate record keeping on your behalf.

Self Provisioning

Have you ever put the request in for an O365 license to your MSP and it takes them hours or even days to add it to your portal? Would it not just be simple if you could do it yourself?

Here at IT GOAT, each client gains complete access to their own provisioning portal where they can self provision, and even in some cases assign licensing themselves.

We give you ultimate flexibility so you can make the changes on the fly you need. Do not worry though, our Help Desk gets alerts when changes are being made to ensure that the necessary documentation is also getting done.

your security tools and technologies

IT GOAT simplifies cybersecurity by integrating over 750+ enterprise apps to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Cloud Integration

Your applications are the heartbeat of your business. If a server goes down, the applications will follow, and so will the revenue of your business. IT GOAT can assist by providing the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services you need to reduce downtime and risk. 
If you are ready to make the leap, we are prepared to migrate all your workloads to a secured cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal uptime. 
Popular Cloud Offerings with IT GOAT: 
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IT GOAT serves a wide variety of businesses, handling all the responsibilities of an enterprise-level IT department. From routine system maintenance to 24/7 disaster recovery, IT GOAT has the experience and resources to protect your business and help it thrive.